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Born in NYC: A Global Hip-Hop Competition


Over the last 20 years the MC Challenge has been held in over 25 countries across 5 continents. Over a dozen countries are active each year, with entrants competing in regional competitions and the winner advancing to the National Finals. Every year, each nation sends one champion to represent their country in the annual World Finals, where one MC is crowned the new World Champion.



The first-ever MC Challenge was held during August, 2000 in the back of a restaurant in NYC’s Lower East Side and featured Immortal Technique and WebbaFied. Other Challengers and Champions include: Hasan Salaam, Jin, Iron Solomon, Immortal Technique, Pack FM, Pumpkinhead, Reef Da Lost Cause, Breez Evahflowin, C-Rayz Walz, Poison Pen and many more.


The MC Challenge was invented as the evolution of the MC Battle. We envisioned a unique competition that tests the most talented MCs on a wide set of skills. In the MC Challenge, contestants compete in five rounds: Beat Juggling, Written’s, A Capella’s, Cypha’s, and the crowd favorite: Freestyle Grab Bag.

During the event a panel of judges awards points for lyrics, creativity, stage presence, delivery and crowd reaction. We pride ourselves on the love of competition, the mutual respect and the talent level of the MCs who compete.

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