Hosted by the legends Big Zoo and CF, this fully freestyled show features three amazing MCs in each of its monthly broadcasts. 


legends unite

Blend together the right substances and you’ll get an explosion. Such was the goal of MCs Prolific Wone and Vanguard when they plotted to get Big Zoo and CF together under the same spotlight on EOWtv. Big Zoo, regarded by many as one of the best freestyle MCs on the planet, delivers each rhyme with a zen-like elegance and brings a lifetime of thoughtfully cultivated learning and insights to his flow. CF, the perfect counterpoint, unleashes an autodidactic brilliance that assaults a listener’s consciousness and reorganizes their understanding of reality. Mix the pair together with beats by Soze, Nonezeo, and KYVACE, and you end up with the perfect chemistry that is Free-O-Dub.

pathway to excellence

With so many proving grounds shut down due to the pandemic, the Free-O-Dub show has been an amazing space for MCs to come together to highlight and hone their freestyling skills. Many MCs have discovered End of the Weak through Free-O-Dub and are now testing their might in the MC Challenge.

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Free-O-Dub is MONTHLY ON FRIDAY night at 9:00pm EST

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